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Shingle Tech repairs even the most difficult of roofing damages and installs all types of roofing solutions.

If your roof has been damaged due to a storm related incident or if you are just looking to renew the look of your home, let Shingle Tech be your choice. Simply call 636-221-7284 to schedule a free, no obligation assessment, and one of our qualified field service agents will meet with you and listen to your needs.

Shingle Tech is a full-service construction company serving Washington,MO . We take pride in serving both residential and commercial customers in planning, designing, and completing any home/business improvement needs. Shingle Tech is here to help with everything from simple handyman projects on your home to complex industrial building projects.

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A roof that is nearly flat or just slightly pitched for water channeling is called a low-slope roof. No roof should be truly “flat” – though it may appear from the ground to be flat; every roof should have a intentionally designed slight slopes for drainage. Most often low slope roofing is used in commercial buildings. Problems are common and more difficult to diagnose with low slope roofing because the leak area is often not directly located where the water is appearing inside the building. The roof should have NO areas of standing water. Standing water on a roof can be caused by sagging or rotted roof decking or improper drainage design.

Shingle Tech has been fixing and installing low slope commercial roofing for decades. We’ve seen many interesting issues on the various rooftops of Washington,MO buildings! Old buildings, new building construction, retro-fit, you name it, when it comes to low slope roofing, we’ve seen it and fixed it…and with outstanding results.

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Let Shingle Tech provide you with skilled, competent siding installation for your next job. Each installation is carefully screened and evaluated to ensure professional, consistent results every time.

We strive to offer quality, skilled siding installation with a history of professional results. The type of siding you choose for your home is one that requires much thought for the discerning homeowner.

Since you are concerned about the over-all quality of your experience during the installation of siding on your home, we believe hiring Shingle Tech for your siding needs is an excellent choice.

From the use of the most sensible choice for siding to the most sensible choice for installation, Shingle Tech is eager to satisfy your need for beautiful and long-lasting siding.

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Perhaps no other element shapes a room’s personality more than the right window…which is why Shingle Tech provides [localserviceareas] a vast selection of top-quality windows at the right price for every room.

Whether you want classic luxury for a showpiece living room or attractive practicality for the laundry room, Shingle Tech has what it takes to suit your style and budget.

Your windows will be measured and installed by our professional window installers. We can also help you decide on exactly what type of windows will best compliment your home from both the inside and out.

At Shingle Tech we make customer satisfaction our main priority. Whether you have a new home or renovation project, we can provide both the window products and installation services you need.

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Over the past several years our area has suffered through damaging tornados, hail, wind, ice and snow storms. If you are like thousands of others your home may have sustained substantial damage due to these storms. Some of this damage can go unnoticed to the untrained eye resulting in further damage to other vital parts of your home. We specialize in insurance claims and negotiations.

We employ some of Missouri’s leading storm damage and insurance claim specialists and have a division dedicated solely to the insurance restoration field. Shingle Tech has satisfied thousands of customers through our negotiations with insurance companies and our restoration services.

The process is simple…you place a  call to Shingle Tech at 636-221-7284 and schedule a free, no obligation damage assessment.

Moisture problems around the home and other buildings, including those found in gutters, can cause pest infestations and all sorts of structural damage. In fact, mosquitoes will breed in standing water most often found in gutters.

When it comes time to put gutters on your Washington,MO home or business there are a few things to consider. The price will be reflective of the material thickness, size, shape and ad-on features. The value of an experienced seamless gutter installation crew can not be under estimated. Gutters are commonly installed improperly. The results of this can cause major damage to your home and most companies will not accept responsibility damage. Be sure to have it in writing that any damage, flooding, gutter overload is the responsibility of the gutter contractor. Let Shingle Tech be your trusted local seamless gutter installers. Proudly serving Washington, Missouri and surrounding areas.