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Shingle Tech repairs hail damaged roofing and installs all types of roofing solutions.
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Shingle Tech is a certified roofing contractor.  We have pledged that each customer will receive the best and safest choice in roofing.

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Located in the heart of Eureka, MO Shingle Tech is here to serve your residential and commercial roofing needs.

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Certified residential roof replacement contractor.  We focus only on roofing. Our team is fully certified to install all major roofing systems.

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We focus on the details.  Our craftsman take pride in the work they do.  You can expect exceptional quality roofing installations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Roofing

How To Choose A Roof Shingle

Does it matter what type of shingle I use?

Shingles are the initial defense against natures elements.  There are a few key factors when choosing a shingle.  Shingle warranties are mostly all about the same but be sure to understand what happens if you have a defective shingle.  You most likely will still be stuck paying for the labor to remove and replace the shingle as well as the dump fees and other roofing components.  Wind rating is a factor that should be considered.  Not all shingle can withstand high winds.  Impact resistance is something to consider also.  You may want to find an impact resistant shingle if you live in an area with lots of hail.  Most importantly you want to choose a roofing contractor who is certified to install which ever shingle you choose.  This will reduce your risk of roof failure.

How Long Will A Roof Last In Missouri

How long does a roof last?

This is a very difficult question.  There are many different types of roofing systems.  All roofing products have a different life expectance and depending on the overall roof system life expectance will vary.  For example  ventilation is a very important factor; a poorly ventilated roof will typically malfunction much earlier than a well ventilated roof.  Be sure to speak with a certified roofing contractor about why roofing systems fail.

Eureka MO Roofing Inspections

How often should I have my roof inspected?

When a new roof is installed it is good to have the roofing contractor inspect it after 6 months.  This will give the roof time to season and by then any leaks should have shown up.  We recommend that you have your roof inspected every 2 years for the first 10 years and then consider an annual maintenance program.  A maintenance program will keep your flashings and roof penetrations from deteriorating prematurely.  If you have a severe storm in your area we suggest that you call for a quick roof inspection to ensure nothing came lose or was damaged.  Often times storms will loosen shingles without you even knowing it.  If storm damaged roofing is addressed immediately it is inexpensive and will save you thousands of dollars in the future.

Roof Replacement Costs

Can I buy my own roofing materials?

You should be able to provide your own roofing material if you would like.  The down side of this may be price and warranty.  When choosing a roofing contractor you want to make sure they are certified by the manufacturer to do the install.  Some manufacturers require the contractor to register the roofing material for warranty purpose.  Another thing to consider is that roofing contractors often buy products at a much cheaper price which allows the to keep there installation costs lower.

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Need A New Roof?